I Am Being Chased by a Perfectionist Man – Chapter 6

“Mr. Hasegawa, please go home!”

“I don’t want to.”

The two were arguing in front of Hina’s room. Hina glared at Hasegawa with the door behind him. On the other hand, with his arms crossed, Hasegawa looked down at her with cold eyes. Meanwhile, the locksmith the apartment manager has called gave them a sidelong glance while he worked on the replacement key.

“You entered my room so there shouldn’t be a problem if I enter yours, right?”

“There’s a HUGE problem! Normally you shouldn’t barge into a woman’s room! Please go home! There are lots of things in a woman’s room she doesn’t want others to see!”

“Oh, could it be you have underwear lying around? Personally, I don’t really mind.”

“But I DO mind!”

After frantically howling at him, Hina created some distance between her and Hasegawa. But Hasegawa immediately closed that distance and in a somewhat playful tone, teased.

“Then, what is it? What is it that you cannot show?”

“Th-There’s nothing to show! In the first place, why do you want to enter my room so bad?”

Seeing that Hasegawa didn’t show any signs of withdrawing, a trickle of cold sweat run down her forehead.

“I’m just curious to see what kind of life you’ve been living. I’m only gonna look around, okay? If you’ve got nothing to be embarrassed about, then isn’t it fine?

“No, no, no! If you see my room, I’d definitely die!”

“People don’t die that easily, you know. Besides, I didn’t say I wanted to stay in your room like you did, so isn’t it fine?”

Even though he looked as stoic as usual, Hasegawa was absolutely enjoying the situation. Hina was most certainly sure.

“It’s not fine! And I didn’t say I wanted to stay!”

“But you did stay right?”


Hina felt weak at those words. She indeed stayed. And was grateful. That’s why she can’t show such a messy room to Hasegawa.

(No way! It’ll be bad if he sees that room! It’ll be a huge turn off. I have to drive him away somehow…)

With the same mind that considered “letting him see her room so he could give up” a while ago, Hina was now thinking of how ”she had to prevent him for seeing her room”.

It was then that an idea flashed in her mind.

“U-underwear! There’s underwear as expected!”

“But you were saying something different earlier. Stop lying…”



“There’s the underwear of the person I was drinking with yesterday! That person comes over often!”


Hasegawa’s eyes went cold. But as frantic as she was, Hina didn’t notice.

“You know, a married person’s wrath is not something to be trifled with! They grumble incessantly! It’s always like that when that person stays. Really, it makes you wonder what being a newlywed feels like…Hey, what’s wrong?”

“…You really don’t have any delicacy, do you?”

(Huh? He’s angry again? W-Why?)

From the coldness in Hasegawa’s voice, Hina trembled in fright.

“Would you normally tell that to a man who has confessed to you? Well, if you’re thinking of making me give up with that…”


As if overwhelmed by that menacing look, the locksmith announced that “he was finished” with a troubled expression. Hina turned her head to that voice just as Hasegawa placed his hand on the door without a word. And just like that, he was about to enter.

“I am not intimidated by adulterous men. Sorry to disappoint you.”


Then he boldly strode inside without another word. Hina watched his receding figure for a few seconds before jumping up in surprise like a frightened animal. After receiving her new key from the locksmith, she swiftly chased after Hasegawa.



When Hasegawa looked up from the entrance, he froze at the sight of Hina’s room. Next to him, Hina also lifted her head. The laundry were stacked on the curtain rail, and a heap of clothing was piled up on the sofa. Lots of manga magazines were scattered on the floor and in the corner of the room, dust was evidently accumulating.

Compared to Hasegawa’s room, it was an absolute disaster. Hina’s face turned blue.

“…M-Mr. Hasegawa…?”

She looked at him with cold sweat running down her spine. Then, looking as if his veins would pop in anger, Hasegawa loosened the button of his sleeve. Shortly after, he rolled his sleeves up.



“We’re cleaning! How many days have you not vacuumed?! You…!”


With that command, they started cleaning Hina’s room.

“Firstly, you have lots of things! What’s with this mountain of manga magazines!”

“Why are you getting angry at me?! This is my room you know!”

“Shut up! Please keep your hands moving! It’s insane that you’re bringing men into such a room!”

“You entered on your own!”

“I wasn’t talking about me!”

Hearing him in that tone, Hina let out a shriek of surprise. It was the first time she heard the iron mask raise his voice in anger.

(Well, I guess he’s also human. He can also get angry and laugh…)

While compiling the manga magazine she has long stopped reading, Hina glanced at Hasegawa. He was grumbling to himself yet still diligently tidied up Hina’s room.

She thought he was an emotionless person through and through. No matter what anyone says, he always maintains a stoic and calm expression. She reckoned he wasn’t capable of laughing or crying, at least until now.

(Well, if you think about it, that kind of person normally wouldn’t exist…)

Just because they hardly show emotions on their face doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings. Thinking about it, Hina’s lips curled up into a smile as she continued cleaning her room.



As the rays of sunset flooded through the windows, Hina’s room finally looked neat and beautiful. Staring at her sparklingly clean room, Hina felt a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Next to her, Hasegawa looked utterly exhausted.

“I’ve troubled you, Hasegawa. But you’ve been a great help!”

“If you clean regularly, it wouldn’t be so dirty! From now on you must clean regularly! Even if you can’t clean everyday, at least try to vacuum it once every three days.”


“I won’t take no for an answer. If you don’t listen, I’ll come to clean again..”


Hina let out a dry laugh and then walked to the kitchen. “I’ll prepare you some coffee so please sit down over there. You take it with a spoonful of sugar, right?”

“…Yes, please.”

Hasegawa’s face resumed its usual sour expression as he sat on the sofa. Thinking that he looked as if he was bothered and wanted to say something, Hina tilted her neck in contemplation and served the coffee.

“…What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I was just thinking how you remembered my preference in coffee…”

“Oh, I remembered because we worked together before.”

Just like Hasegawa, Hina was also in the Sales Department as a Sales Support. She prepares materials for use by the salespeople, makes store reservations, and sometimes goes on field work to meet customers. Salespeople and Sales Support often work together. Shortly after Hina joined the company, she worked several times with Hasegawa. It was then that she remembered how he takes his coffee.

“Thank you very much.”

After saying so, Hasegawa took the cup of coffee in his hands. Hina then sat beside Hasegawa after placing hers on the table. Because the sofa was narrow, their bodies touched. At that moment, Hasegawa’s shoulder jumped.


“Huh? What’s the matter?”

“No, never mind…”

There was only one sofa in the room so Hina thought it was only natural that she sat there, but she noticed that Hasegawa’s face somehow turned grim.

At that moment, a mini truck announcing “sweet potatoes~” passed by their apartment. As she was thinking that it was already the season for sweet potatoes, Hina’s stomach grumbled. Although she properly ate breakfast, everything had already been digested down after all the cleaning they had done.

A rumbling noise echoed throughout the quiet room.


Hasegawa placed his hand on his mouth and was evidently laughing. With her face red in embarrassment, Hina began to speak in a low tone.

“Why don’t we… eat together today?”

Hasegawa instantly choked at those words.

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