I Am Being Chased by a Perfectionist Man – Chapter 20

“Looking at it again, this is such a disaster…”

After a passionate night, the two were back at Hina’s apartment. Hina had thought that only the sheets were torn apart but upon closer inspection, even the mattress were damaged. If only the sheets were destroyed, she could easily just change it, but now she can’t use the mattress in this state. In the kitchen, lots of her tableware were broken and glass shards scattered across the floor. She had already changed her key thanks to her landlord’s fast response in the morning, but with the way things are, she wouldn’t be able to live in her apartment.

“Why don’t we first clean up here, then buy what you need later?”

At Hasegawa’s suggestion, the two started tidying up. They transferred all the things littered on the floor to make enough space to move around. They wore shoes when they cleaned up the broken glass shards in the kitchen.

Hina’s room was extremely trashed at first, but with two hands working together, their cleaning progress sped up.

“Is your body okay?”

When the room seemed almost clean, Hasegawa suddenly asked. Hina sighed as she looked back at him.

“More than my body, my heart hurts more. That broken glassware was my favorite, you know…”

“That’s not what I mean. I’m also concerned about that but I’m more worried about here…”

Hasegawa moved beside her and stroked her hips. That action made her remember last night’s romantic affair. Her cheeks reddened in an instant and she opened her mouth to speak, but only a croaking sound came out.


“Yesterday, I lost control…”

He peered at her to check her condition and Hina dropped the dust cloth in her hands. Seeing that, Hasegawa became more worried so he made her sit on the sofa.

“We should have done it only once. Just take a rest for now and leave the rest of the cleaning to me.”

“N-no, no, I’m fine. This is my room! I can’t let you clean by yourself while I rest!”

“But your body’s in pain, isn’t it? It also looked like it’s been a while for you…”

Hina’s body flared up in an instant. Indeed, she hasn’t done it since she broke up with Hide half a year ago. And up until yesterday, she also didn’t have any physical relationship with anyone during those six months.

It’s the first time she’s done it in a year but there’s no way she’d say that to Hasegawa. Her eyes went bloodshot as she opened and closed her mouth repeatedly.

“W-what are you saying?!”

“Well, it was a bit tight yesterday…”


Hina screamed while covering Hasegawa’s mouth. Then, with eyes brimming in anger, she scolded in a frantic tone.

“Hasegawa, please learn some delicacy!”

“But, isn’t it true?”

“There are some things you shouldn’t say even if it’s true!”

As she desperately cried out with tears in her eyes, Hasegawa lightly apologized as he laughed wickedly.

The two resumed cleaning and before they realized it, the night had wore on. Streaks of sunset streamed through the torn curtain, dyeing the floor beautifully in crimson.

“We’re done. What’s your plan for tonight?”

Hasegawa was asking where she plans to stay for the night. Hina tilted her head in contemplation.

She could still stay at the hotel tonight. However, it was a little far from her apartment. If she thinks about tomorrow, it may be better to find a nearer hotel.

As Hina continued to think, Hasegawa spoke.

“Let me change my question. Why don’t you stay at my place tonight?”


As if not understanding his words, Hina let out a surprised mumble.

“My room is just next door so there’s no need for you to stay in another place, is there? If you keep staying at a hotel, you’ll just be wasting money. Plus, there’s quite a distance between this apartment and the hotel…”

The words convinced Hina so she nodded. She was already used to Hasegawa’s room so there’s nothing else to worry about.

Hina thought back to the time she stayed at his room.

(If I bring my comforter, I can sleep well on that sofa. My room is also near. If I think about it, it’s a very good idea. Also, if I stayed there, I might find clues that will help me think of something to give Hasegawa as a token of gratitude…)

“Well then…”

Just as she was about to tell him she agreed, he told her something unexpected.

“I only have semi-double bed but it should be enough for both of us to sleep on, right?”


Hina stiffened at the thought of them sleeping together on the same bed. However, Hasegawa looked as though it was natural and flashed her a smirk.

“Don’t worry. I’ll give you enough space. Or do you hate sleeping with me?”

Hina shook her head without looking at Hasegawa.



(He always maintains that stoic and serious look on his face. Who would’ve expected he could be wild and intense at night…)

Hina took a deep sigh as she lay on the bed with flushed face. Beside her, Hasegawa hugged her from behind. He snuggled close to her, his breathing rough and hard.

“Hina, will you get angry if I say one more round?”

“…I will.”

She was dead-tired so Hina shook her head. Hasegawa embraced her tighter. She was hugged too tight she almost couldn’t breathe but it rather felt pleasant.

“I know it’s late but can I ask you something?”

Hasegawa asked and Hina turned her head towards him. Hasegawa loosened his hold on her and turned her body so that they were facing each other.

“Are you planning to move out?”

“Move out…”

“Even though the landlord has made a custom order for your keys, are you still afraid of living here?”

Hina blinked her eyes in surprise. She looked up and thought for a while.

“Honestly, I haven’t thought that far…”

“Good grief. You really have no sense of crisis.”

Seeing his exasperated face, Hina pursed her lips. After pondering for a while, she spoke with a blushing face.

“I’m not planning to move out now…”

“Why is that?”

“I-if I move out, I’ll be away from you…”

Hasegawa’s eyes went wide in surprise. Then, he hugged her tighter and brought his lips to her ears.

“One more round…”

This time, Hina could no longer resist.

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