I Am Being Chased by a Perfectionist Man – Chapter 26

The three sat across each other around the low table. Hina watched nervously as the siblings squabbled. Hasegawa scowled at Rin, who was sweating in panic.

“So, you told Hina that you and I are dating?”

“That’s… well, I didn’t know there was something between you two. I thought it’d be more troublesome if she knew that we’re siblings.” Rin explained with fidgety eyes. Hasegawa’s gaze sharpened as he looked down at her with his arms crossed.

It turns out Hasegawa and Rin are unmistakably siblings. Their parents have divorced and Hasegawa lived with their dad while Rin lived with their mother.

Because their parents parted on good terms, their sibling relationship wasn’t strained and they continued to get along well. Hina observed the pair who seemed no different from stereotypical brothers and sisters.

“Ms. Uzuki, I’m really sorry. It bothered you, didn’t it?” Seeing Hina’s eyes, which were swollen from crying, Rin bowed her head and apologized.

Hina shook her head. “No, that’s not it! This is because of something else. Besides, I was wrong, too. I didn’t talk to Hasegawa properly.”

If they had talked to each other properly, things wouldn’t turn out this way. If they had confirmed their feelings earlier and she had become his girlfriend, Hina could have asked him about it before she jumped to conclusions and completely misunderstood.

“On that regard, I have to reflect on myself, too. If I had clarified that Rin’s my sister, Hina wouldn’t have been in danger.”

“It was my decision, so you shouldn’t feel guilty about it. It’s because I’m a fool…”

The three heaved a sigh and silence enveloped the room.

Then Rin spoke and broke the silence. “Come to think of it, Ms. Uzuki lives next door, right? Big brother, you don’t have to shoo me away. If you’re going to do it, I can just stay in her room. You won’t have to spend money and I’ll have a bed to sleep on. I think it’s better that way…”

“Do it…” Hina’s face turned red at those words. Rin was as straightforward and blunt as Hasegawa, she thought.

“But if you hear moans from next door, won’t you find it unbearable? The walls are thin in this apartment and she can be loud…”

“H-how can you say something so embarrassing!!” Hina immediately covered Hasegawa’s mouth. She was pissed off that Hasegawa could talk about that with his sister without hesitation.

“That’d be really unbearable… Well then, I’ll just go to the hotel. That way, I also won’t have to endure your nagging. I’ll go now so give me fare for the taxi too.”

“I know, so just get going. In the first place, the company covers the hotel expenses anyway so just transfer to a hotel already. How troublesome.” Hasegawa grumbled. Rin replied with “yes” and started preparing to leave. Behind them, Hina cried out.

“No, Rin, you don’t have to go out! It’s not like I plan to do it with Hasegawa. Just being together is fine…”

Her cheeks gradually went hot. Now that their feelings are mutual, she didn’t feel frustrated that he didn’t touch her anymore. No matter how thin the walls are, they won’t be heard if they talk normally so it won’t be inconvenient if they just snuggled together.

“Hina, what are you saying? Weren’t you just telling me that you want me to touch and kiss you earlier?”

“You don’t have to bring that up now! Besides, i-if it’s that much, it won’t matter even if Rin is next door…”

Hina felt sorry that Rin had to go to the hotel but Hasegawa didn’t agree.

“But I won’t be able to hold back.” Hina stiffened at his words. Just then, Rin’s voice echoed in the room. “Big brother keeps his words. We’ll have a great time!”

Several minutes have passed after Rin started packing. It seems like she didn’t bring much because she only had one Boston bag.

When she finished packing, she called someone. From the voices she could hear, Hina surmised that it was her boyfriend. Then Rin also phoned the hotel afterwards.

Hina somehow felt apologetic as she watched her.

“Big brother, this is the hotel. Top suite, one night. I’ll be staying there with Jun. Pay the accommodation expenses for two people, okay?”

The phone screen showed a photo of a luxurious hotel. It looks like she has decided to use this chance to spend a sweet night with her boyfriend.

“Looking at you two made me envious.” Rin grinned and put out her tongue. When Hasegawa saw the price for a night, he rubbed his temples in a frown.

Then he heaved a deep sigh.

“Just leave already.” Hasegawa uttered impatiently and called for a taxi.



Inside Hasegawa’s room, the two were sitting on the sofa with their bodies snuggled together.

“I feel bad for Rin. It feels like I chased her out of the room.”

“It’s fine. She just barged into my room without consideration anyway.”

Hasegawa complained as his mouth curled into a frown. She felt like Hasegawa’s face was a lot more expressive lately. When she pointed it out, Hasegawa smiled gently, “Isn’t it your fault?”

“When I’m with you, I don’t feel jaded and dispirited at all. Do you know how much you worried me today? When you told me you were going home by yourself, I was livid.”

“I’m sorry… Did you cancel your meeting and rushed back for me?”

“Of course.” Hasegawa’s voice seemed deeper than usual and Hina lowered her head.

“I’m sorry I ruined your meeting. Let me accompany you to apologize next time.”

“There’s no need. My colleague and Ms. Katsuragi were nearby so they went in my stead. Besides, it was just a routine visit today… But that’s not why I was angry.”

Catching his eyes, Hina sucked in a breath.

“…I was really worried, you know.”

“I’m sorry.” Even though she apologized, Hina was glad that he was worried about her. She couldn’t help but smile. Seeing that, Hasegawa frowned.

“Don’t you think what you did was wrong?”

“I do. I’m sorry to have worried you.”

“I’m still angry.”

Hasegawa muttered like a child and Hina raised her brows anxiously.

“What can I do for you to forgive me? Tell me.”


Hasegawa stared at Hina without answering, but his expression was clearly saying, “Don’t you know?”

Hina kissed him softly. Then, in a barely audible voice, she whispered, “I like you.”

Then the world turned upside down. When she realized it, Hina was pushed down on the sofa. Hasegawa lifted her leg that was hanging down sloppily from the sofa and lightly kissed her knee.

“Me too.”

Just like that, they ravished each other’s body on the sofa.


12 thoughts on “I Am Being Chased by a Perfectionist Man – Chapter 26

    1. Thanks for reading! Have you read the Chinese novel “When a Snail Loves” by Ding Mo? It follows the same premise of guy-pursuing-the-girl with bouts of fluff every now and then. 😊


  1. I don’t understand how posing as lovers would be less troublesome than saying you’re siblings (especially if it’s true and it just needs one additional sentence for explaining how anyway) or even cousins. Baffling!

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