Let Me Listen to Your Lingering Regrets – First Story – Epilogue

First Story – Let Me Listen to Your Lingering Regrets Epilogue

We came back to the school in the afternoon. 

“Hi.” Senpai waved his hand and Miki bowed politely in response.

“Shion’s relatives… What are you doing here today?”

“We’re here to help resolve Shion’s lingering regret.”


“You and Yuji.” Senpai slowly answered.

“Shion felt sorry that you didn’t end up together. She said it was probably because of her.”

Miki raised her face.

“You noticed Shion’s feelings so you couldn’t say you liked Yuji. But that’s not right. Shion wanted you to be happy.”

“Shion…” Tears fell from Miki’s eyes.

“Shion had said, ‘Miki can do anything. She’s smart and athletic but because she’s kind, I’m always worried.’”


Senpai took out a photo. It was a photo of Shion, Miki and Yuji, which he got during the first interview.

“Shion always kept this photo with her. I think she loved Yuji and Miki’s smile. And because you were both smiling, she also smiled. Aren’t you running away from Shion’s smile now?”

“Running away from Shion’s smile?”

“That’s right. People meet and sometimes part. When that happens, they remain in your heart as a memory you can fondly think of with a smile. But what you’re carrying in your heart is the figure of Shion’s sad profile, isn’t it? What Shion wants is for you to remember her as a friend you can always laugh with.”


Miki began crying as though a dam had broken inside her.

“Shion… Shion…”

Senpai took out a handkerchief and with a sullen face, urged me to give it to Miki.

“I like Yuji,” said Miki as she wiped the tears off her face with the handkerchief. But… but… Yuji might not…”

“You don’t have to worry. He’s always been worried about you. Look!”

Yuji, who had come near the school gate, ran in our direction and looked at us incredulously.

“What’s wrong, Miki? Aren’t you the relatives of Kisaragi? What did you tell Miki?”

“It’s not like that.” Miki said.

“What do you mean?”

“Shion encouraged me.”

“Kisaragi? On what?”

“To tell you that I like you.”



As night fell, we walked along the road illuminated by the moon.

“Isn’t it a lie that Yuji confessed to Miki?”

“Yeah. Yuji couldn’t confess too, considering Miki was devastated after her best friend’s passing.”

“In the end, Shion and Miki were true friends after all.”

‘To help Miki and Yuji get together.’ That was the favor Shion asked of us. The two were always together. She was Shion’s best friend, who was as close as a sister and whom she could talk to about anything. Shion couldn’t possibly hate Miki.

“It’s like what they say, the sun also needs the moon to shine brightly. The moon’s existence is affirmed by the light it reflects from the sun, but the shining sun also needs the tranquility of the moon.”

“What a bad metaphor.”

“Whatever. Now, let’s go and make our report, Yuma.”

I stopped in my tracks and looked at Senpai’s face. 

“What is it?” Senpai asked in confusion.

“Senpai, you just called my name for the first time.”

“Did I? Well, it doesn’t matter. Let’s go, apprentice.”

“I told you it’s Yuma. You’re so mean.”

Well then, let’s go and report it to Shion. 

Shion will surely smile for Yuji and Miki.

A smile that is soft and warm just like the embrace of the moon. 


T/N: That’s the end of the first story but not the novel. There’s more to come. 🙂

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