I Am Being Chased by a Perfectionist Man – Chapter 8

“If you hate it, then push me away, okay?”

After saying so, Hasegawa dropped a light kiss at the tip of her nose. As Hina’s shoulders jumped in surprise, he kissed her eyelid in the same way.

She wanted to resist but her body didn’t move. Her hands were both free so if she wanted to push him away, she could freely do so. She placed her hands on his chest and lightly pushed him.

“Is it okay?”

He asked for one last confirmation seeing that she wasn’t resisting.

“No! You can’t!”

Hina shook her head a little and with a stronger force than before, pushed him away. Her helpless face had become hot and her heart was thumping so loudly it could jump out of her body at any moment.

Hasegawa placed his knees in between her legs and shortened their distance. Bringing his face close enough their lips could almost touch, he whispered in a low tone.

“In that case, resist me more.”


As if to block the words from her mouth, Hasegawa pressed his lips against hers. It started with feathery kisses but gradually turned deeper as if to devour her. All she could hear was the sound of sucking saliva and tears sprang from the corner of Hina’s eyes.

Seeing her expression, Hasegawa pulled back a bit. Then, in a slightly dejected voice, he said.

“You hated it enough to cry?”

“No… I-I’m embarrassed! My head hasn’t caught up with this situation and I’m confused…”

“That’s a relief.”


“That means you’re fine with being embraced by me, right?”

A moment ago he looked defeated but his mood lightened in an instant and Hasegawa raised the edge of his mouth slightly.

Looking at his face, Hina realized her mistake.

“No, that’s not it!”

“I think I should make the most of this chance.”

“Hasegawa! Wait!”

“It’s fine if you fall in love with me later. I don’t plan on giving up…”

Hasegawa placed his hand on the hem of her loungewear. When his broad hand touched her abdomen, Hina felt a chill all over her body.

She’s aware that she’s being swept away.

Although she knew she had to resist, somehow she couldn’t move.

“I like you, Hina.”

He whispered in her ears, which burned immediately. Then their lips overlapped again.

All of a sudden, a ringing noise echoed in the room and broke the heated atmosphere.

Hina’s mind wheeled back to reality at that sound.

“What’s that sound?”

While listening to Hasegawa’s sullen voice, Hina desperately shook her head from side to side trying to find the source of the sound.

Racking her brain, she felt that the sound was similar to the ringtone from the app she usually uses. But it’s impossible because she lost her cell phone yesterday.


Hina reached for the sound under her sofa. It was her cell phone after all.

“My cell phone. Looks like I forgot it at home yesterday.”

“Good grief.” Hasegawa sighed in exasperation.

Hina looked at the incoming call screen. The name “Yumi” was displayed. The moment she pressed the answer button, a voice tinged with both anger and relief bellowed from her phone.

“Hina! I was insanely worried! Are you okay? Did you get home safely?”

“Huh? Ah, yeah! What’s wrong? All of a sudden…”

“You tell me what’s wrong? You left your house key yesterday in the shop you know! I called yesterday but couldn’t connect somehow. I really didn’t know what to do!”

Hina winced at her friend’s hysterical concern. But thankfully, her key was just with her. She explained that she got her key changed, and the phone she thought she lost was in her house all long. Yumi sighed in relief.

“You’re as clumsy as ever. So where did you sleep yesterday? Don’t tell me you slept outside?”


While hesitating, Hina flitted her eyes to Hasegawa who was also watching her. Her face paled a little.

“Sorry. I’ll tell you next time…”

Hina ended the call at that instant. She felt like Yumi was saying something on the other end but pretended not to hear it.

Then she’s back to the reality in front of her. Hasegawa was still looking down at her.

“Shall we continue then?”


This time, summoning all her strength, she pushed him away with all her might.



“The person earlier… was a girl, wasn’t it?”

Hasegawa asked as he was putting on his shoes at the entryway. Even though he could just wear it sloppily since he lived next door, he still properly tied his shoes.

Hina glared down at Hasegawa who was sitting on the entryway.

“Yeah. And?”

“The person you went out with yesterday, was it the same person as earlier?”

Hina nodded.

“Did you go out with anyone else?”

“Yesterday? No, it was just Yumi.”

“I see…”

Hina felt like his voice was masked with relief. Hasegawa then faced her, who had just finished tying his shoes.

“I’m relieved.”

“Eh? About what?”

“The person you drank with yesterday was a woman. I thought you had been drinking with a man until a while ago… Furthermore, that man was married and you were having an affair.”


Hina was baffled at the unexpected misunderstanding. Hasegawa squeezed his nose as he raised the rim of his glasses.

“I’m glad I misunderstood. I thought I had fallen in love with someone who commits adultery and couldn’t do risk management.”

“Risk management…”

Hina was relieved knowing that this person properly thought about love. Perhaps to him, love is like a merger between two companies. And so, she could understand his fixation on his ideal type. But if that’s what he really thought, then Hina would never fall in love with him. Because their perspectives are highly different.


Hina was about to tell him but she suddenly caught sight of his ears. They were as red as tomatoes.

“Red. Your ears are red, you know…”

Hasegawa stepped away in panic then turned his back to Hina. Looking at his back, a thought crossed her mind.

“Could it be… you were jealous?”



“…Isn’t that obvious! Didn’t I tell you that I don’t like seeing you speak with other male employees?”

Hina’s eyes stared at his back in astonishment. A while ago it was relaxed but now it’s a little different like it belonged to another person. She couldn’t see it but maybe he was anxious. Realizing this, she felt like they became a little closer.

“Well then, I’m going.”


Hina watched Hasegawa’s receding back as he was leaving. But just as he was about to close the door, he turned around. His face looked as stoic as usual.

“Thanks for the treat. It was really delicious…”

While saying so, Hasegawa lightly tapped on his lips. Hina slammed the door shut as her face went bright red.

13 thoughts on “I Am Being Chased by a Perfectionist Man – Chapter 8

    1. My God, Hasegawa! That rascal!!! The audacity pretend to be cool after that moe reaction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Thank for the chapter!!! Very very good work (of course)


  1. Oof… it’s a pity. I really wish Hasegawa was less pushy. It might not seem that bad to other people, but personally, I wouldn’t like someone treating me like Hasegawa does Hina. I’m a rather calm and not very expressive person, plus sometimes my feelings are oftentimes only certain enough to give a more or less affirmative or non affirmative answer. And I generally trust people to take “no” (as in Hina’s “please move”) in these matters as an actual answer and wouldn’t find it necessary to vehemently push them away, really showing it on my face how much I HATE this or sth, or getting violent in rejecting them. So the thought that someone might use these to try and have sex with me with a “if you don’t reject me more, I’ll strip and do you” mentality is just really uncomfortable. Personally, I don’t like Hasegawa at all after the last chapter and this one… again, it’s a pity :l


    1. Tbh I feel you. As a socially inept person with a resting bitch face, I know how frustrating it can be when people just can’t take the hint no matter how blunt your words are. But the thing with Hasegawa is, his overbearing demeanor is exactly what Hina needs to break down her walls. So, flawed and repulsive as he might be in real life, Hasegawa suits Hina just right in their little fictional world.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. True. Without Hasegawa being like that, their relationship wouldn’t progress and this story couldn’t exist. You could say it’s perfect for their situation, for their love, but yeah… I’m pretty sure that could happen irl as well, as it’s not exactly unrealistic. And in that case, would it be worth it for that kind of love, that kind of “story”? Personally (for myself), I’d say not really. But then again, I totally lack the wish to have a relationship xD I can imagine that for Hina, who probably doesn’t lack that wish in general, it’s worth it. To each their own, as long as they’re happy (´▽`)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Also, I forgot to say: I appreciate the replies 😀 lowkey shook that I got a reply to a comment I wrote on sth that was posted years ago xD *gives cookie* owo have a good day, kind translator-san~

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      3. Likewise, I appreciate the comments! I do love to discuss the novels I have translated even though it’s been years. Thanks for reading~ *eats the cookie* 🙂

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