Second Story – “Somehow Connected” – Epilogue

A few days have passed since we sent Yayoi to heaven. In the end, she didn’t change anything.

But something has changed.

Something invisible, uncertain and ambiguous that could not be touched or felt.

That concluded her story. The ultimate proof that her soul didn’t return.

Senpai might have already known it from the beginning. That no matter what the outcome or the truth in their hearts might have been, the only way to resolve Yayoi’s lingering regret was to reconnect that invisible bond. 

Anyway, I’m back to cleaning the office today. 

Jeez, with such amount of clutter accumulating in a just day, just how much of a messy life has he been living before? If I didn’t clean everyday, the office would turn into a complete disaster. 

As soon as I finished cleaning, I woke up Senpai as usual.

“Senpai! Wake up already! I’ll go and prepare your coffee now.”

“Mmm, give me five more minutes.” Senpai grumbled as he curled up on the sofa bed.

“You already said that. Come on, just get up already.”

“Ugh fine, shut up.”

Unlike usual, he obediently got up from the sofa bed. 

“Apprentice, my coff

“Coming!” I handed him the cup of coffee and after seeing him take a sip, I said, “I feel like I now understand a little about what you said before. That it’s not about accepting humans… Rather, it’s about accepting ourselves. Asuka and Yayoi taught me that. You have to accept yourself and let the client stay with you. I made a lot of mistakes this time, but now I finally understand… I feel like I’ve become better.”

I prattled on confidently. Senpai simply stared at me.

“It’s ten years too early for you to say that. I’ll give you 60 points this time. But your grade is still ‘excellent’.” Senpai scratched his head with drowsiness evident on his face.

“But I trust you. I don’t quite believe in you though.” I teased.

Senpai stared at me for a moment, then shook his head as if to say “Good grief.” 

“Apprentice, I’m not worthy of your trust. I just happen to have my own way of carrying out my responsibility towards my clients. I believe I ought to. You know, you’re still bound to make mistakes. And that’s okay. What’s important is that you always follow through. So, first ask yourself, what does it mean to be an Agent? What do your clients mean to you? It might take you a long time to find the answers yourself but you have to keep trying. And whatever those answers are, you have to always keep them in mind.”

He took another sip of coffee. “Anyway, this coffee sure is delicious.”

Hearing that, my heart skipped a bit. 

“It tastes really good. Especially today.”

I remembered Senpai of that time, so my cheeks flushed slightly.

“What’s wrong, apprentice? Why did your face turn red?” Senpai asked in concern.

“Uh, well, I was tired from cleaning up so my blood circulation is rather weak. I think I’ll have some coffee as well. Would you like another cup, Senpai?”

“Oh, it’s nothing serious then. But sure, get me another cup while you’re at it. The gray matter in my brain hasn’t quite woken up yet.”

“Coming right up.”

After taking the cup from Senpai, I headed to the kitchen with my head in the clouds.



T/N: That concludes the second story. There’s more. 🙂

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